Quinta dos Álamos offers the perfect communion between man and nature

The property offers a unique ambience to watch the untouched fauna and flora, read a book, savour the aroma of nature and listen to the stars silence in peace and tranquillity.


The houses of this old agricultural property have been refurbished respecting their comfortable rural character whilst at the same time offering modern conveniences. They are located in the heart of nature with a superb view over wide fields.


When staying at this unique property you may observe agricultural activities within the surrounding different landscapes which include olive trees, corn and pea fields and other seasonal cultivation. Furthermore, animal lovers have a great opportunity to watch a wide array of farm animals including horses, pigs, chicken, cows, ducks and many more.


In the old granary you may visit the permanent photography exhibition of Frederico Bonacho dos Anjos.

“Frederico Bonacho dos Anjos, meritorious of his native land, important farmer and milker, renowned photographer and amateur tauromachian horseman, friend and student of Carlos Relvas.” (1877 – 1947)