Local diversity

Your stay will surely be enriched by tasting the typical gastronomy and getting to know the cultural heritage of the region.

  • Gastronomical Festival of the Chevon (Torres Novas - 2nd half of March)
  • Month of the Alewife and Lamprey (Barquinha April)
  • National Fair of Agriculture (Santarm June)
  • Flower Bed Festival (2011)
  • National Fair of Gastronomy (Santarm - October)
  • Dried Fruits Fair (Torres Novas October)
  • National Horse Fair (Goleg November)
  • Expomare (Goleg May)
  • Procession (Goleg May)
  • Goleg off-season, cars without horses (Goleg April)
  • Blessing of the Cattle (Riachos May / June)
  • Bodo Festival (Azinhaga May)