The perfect communion
between Man and Nature

Quinta dos Álamos offers the perfect communion between Man and Nature

Gifted with a unique atmosphere, the farm turns the observation of fauna and flora in their most original state into an exclusive experience, where resting allows you to quietly read a book, savor the scents of nature, or listen to the silence of the stars.


The houses of this old agricultural farm were rebuilt respecting its comfortable rustic characteristics, in order to guarantee the comforts of contemporary life, inserted in a natural setting and with a breathtaking view of the countryside.


On the farm it is possible to observe countless landscapes, made up of agricultural activities of various kinds, such as olive groves, corn, peas, and other seasonal crops. It is a unique opportunity to observe domestic animals such as horses, pigs, chickens, cows, ducks, and many others.


In the old Barn there is a permanent exhibition of photography by Frederico Bonacho dos Anjos.

“Frederico Bonacho dos Anjos, benefactor of his land, important farmer and cattle rancher, reputed photographer and amateur bullfighting rider, friend and disciple of Carlos Relvas.” (1877 – 1947).


– “O Barrigas” Restaurant
– Restaurant “Rédea Curta”
– Restaurant “Lusitanus”
– Restaurant “Dossantina”

– Restaurant “Central”
– Mestre Ruy Fernandes
– Gomes Equestre

– Paúl do Boquilobo Nature Reserve
– Nameloja Photography Group
– Golegã City Hall