A Quinta

In the heart of Lezíria, in the equestrian county of Golegã, Quinta dos Álamos, honors its history and tradition, of more than three centuries, receiving visitors as a host of recognized merit.

One of the three major agribusiness references in the County, Quinta dos Álamos offers its guests the weight of history, respect for the environment, and cultural and artistic activity, the genesis of its foundation.

In this place of brave people, visitors can enjoy the generational experience of people dedicated to the land, respectful of customs and preservation of the environment.

Enriching activities that will show that ecology is also a Portuguese concept, passed on from generation to generation, revealing the ancestral respect we have for this Mother, who gives everything, has everything, and claims everything. And that we at Quinta dos Álamos honor every day.

These are some of the values that we hold and that we want to share.

We are waiting for you.